How to clean a mattress.

picture of a white mattress

A good sleep can heal everything, that's why sleeping on a clean mattress should be your number 1 priority.

We all have heard nightmare stories about not being able to get rid of bed bugs, even after multiple washes. But if you regularly make sure it's kept clean, it's nothing to worry about.

How to clean a mattress

Remove all blankets, pillows, and sheets. If possible, take the mattress outside.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the mattress.

Sprinkle baking soda over your mattress and let it sit for at least 20 minutes.

Vacuum the mattress again.

Wipe your mattress thoroughly with a damp sponge and a stain remover.

If possible, move your mattress to a sunny spot - the UV light will help kill bacteria.

Let your mattress dry thoroughly.

Repeat this process on the other side of the mattress.

This method works for bad odors, stains and urine

Products you will need:

a picture of a vacuum cleaner
a picture of baking soda package
a picture of sponges
a picture of blue stain remover

Best practices for a mattress

Cleaning a mattress is time consuming but a rule of a thumb says it should be done at least once a year. A mattress topper will help keep your mattress clean, but it doesn't replace the need for thorough cleaning. It's recommended to wash a mattress topper twice a year.

It is recommended that you turn and flip your mattress at least every three months. This helps against the impressions that arise when you sleep in the same place night after night. This is especially important if you share the bed with someone, as both sides of the mattress will be affected every day. Turning and turning the mattress helps prevent irregular wear..

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