Furniture cleaning tips.

Tips and tricks for cleaning furniture

We have come up with some tips on how to keep your furniture always at it's best.

No need to worry about some unexpected guest and being ashamed of how our furniture is looking like.

To keep your furniture clean, dust and vacuum it regularly. You don't need to take everything out, just make it look presentable for now.

As a rule of a thumb you should clean your furniture every two weeks, or perhaps weekly if used frequently and they get dirty quicker. Our tip is to quickly make it presentable once a week like mention above and every 2-3 weeks try to deep clean it. That includes taking everything out and washing it properly. Once you have a schedule on when and how to do it, you will not even think about it, it will be like a habit.

If you need to wax or clean your furniture, keep the following tips in mind:

If possible follow the manufacturer's instructions you got with the furniture.

Put the wax or cleaner directly on the cloth and work in small areas.

Finally, wipe the piece of furniture again, in the direction of the grain.

Now it's all shiny again

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